Brazeau Lake Loop, August 2015

In 2015, Christa and I decided we wanted to do a hike in the Rockies. Christa’s parents had given me the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, so a flipped through it looking for a good one. I somehow settled on the Brazeau Lake Loop, mostly because I liked that it was a loop, I liked the distances, and the book sold it well, so off we went.

• 81 km loop, we took 4 nights

• Elevation gain/loss: 1878 m

• Maximum elevation: 2470 m


Day 1


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Sunshine Coast by Bike: May long 2015

After 6 months with my new Brodie Argus touring bike and only a couple trips out of the city it was time to take it on a real test: Bike up the sunshine coast, cross over to the island at Powell River, and ride down to Nanaimo and back home. My first solo multi-day bike trip!


The Plan

I chose to do the Sunshine Coast loop over a loop of the southern end of Vancouver Island mainly because as it’s my first real attempt at bike touring I’d rather stay a bit closer to civilization. I picked out three camping targets at Smuggler Cove provincial park, Powell River and Parksville but didn’t make reservations anywhere.

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