Matplotlib on the web

I’ve been learning a lot of Matplotlib recently at work and through a course I took on data visualization. I’ve especially had fun with making interactive plots, and I was curious about whether MPL code could be converted into HTML5 and/or javascript for presentation on the web. I’m a researcher, not a developer, so my main goal was to use the datavis library I already know without having to learn a bunch of javascript.

In my googling, I’ve found a few solutions to this issue. None are perfect for what I was hoping to do (have Django and MPL work together to produce a nice interactive figure) but I did come across some interesting tools.

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Brazeau Lake Loop, August 2015

In 2015, Christa and I decided we wanted to do a hike in the Rockies. Christa’s parents had given me the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, so a flipped through it looking for a good one. I somehow settled on the Brazeau Lake Loop, mostly because I liked that it was a loop, I liked the distances, and the book sold it well, so off we went.

• 81 km loop, we took 4 nights

• Elevation gain/loss: 1878 m

• Maximum elevation: 2470 m


Day 1


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